21 February 2008

No more fisking the Fisk

It was already agreed in the blogger community that fisking Fisk has lost its appeal due to this specific target becoming too pathetic, senile and totally cooking on another planet. Barmy, in one word.

However, one can still enjoy an occasional gem in Fisk's article. If one is not going to fisk it, of course. So here we are:

I had gone to see Mougnieh to plead for the release of my close friend and colleague Terry Anderson, the Beirut bureau chief of the Associated Press, kidnapped in 1985 and subsequently held for almost seven years in sealed rooms and underground dungeons.

Mougnieh tried to reassure me. "Believe me, Mr Robert, we treat him better even than you treat yourself." I shuddered.
I shuddered too, realizing that I am in total agreement with the recently departed bastard in this case...