03 February 2008

Barak's conundrum

Let me see what of Barak's "I am staying" speech I predicted right a few months ago:

I gave it a lot of thought and consideration and then decided...
I am aware of the challenges Israel faces - Gaza, Hezbollah, Syria, Iran, and rehabilitating the army...
The Winograd report was harsh, and it has implications and complicated conclusions regarding both individuals and ethical issues.
I intend to address these conclusions when the time is right, and set a date for elections.
I know that I could pay a political price, but I am ready to do so.
Oops... Just a sec - what price?

Now to these other jokers:

"As expected, Barak has run away from his responsibility," said Likud in a statement. "Barak is assisting the leadership that according to both the Winograd Committee and the public has failed and he prefers his political survival than the good of the country."

Anyone needs a part-time prophet?