29 February 2008

The awesome power of non-violence

An article by Jonathan Freedland.

And yet, the power of mass non-violence would be undeniable. My own hunch is that even Israelis themselves, given enough of a respite from rocket assaults and suicide bombings, and forced to confront the realities of Palestinian life, would waver in the face of such a movement.
I think that this idea, tried in earnest by Palestinians, could be their best political move ever. Unfortunately, it has never been tried in earnest.

Nor was it tested by our side, true. Aside of "you started it, no it is you who started it", the song is pretty much the same for the last one hundred years.

The only exception in the generally good article is this sentence:
But they [the Palestinians] need to find one soon - if their suffering is not to become one of the last, unchanging facts in a fast-changing world.
That would be crap - in my book, at least. Look around, Jonathan.

(Via my easily combustible pen-friend Gert).