22 February 2008

The tale of two Finks

Of course, it is a coincidence: (Deborah) Fink and (Norman) Finkelstein. It's not a coincidence, probably, that I got to these two interviews in two consecutive days. Probably the deity intended to ruin my appetite (a side remark - perish the thought, dear deity - my appetite us robust above everything else). Two finks in two days is still too many...

Unfortunately, I cannot show you the picture of the first fink (see the whole shebang here), so you will have to make do with the following quote:

It is very difficult to get my views across to other Jews. Non-Jews are quite impressed that there are Jews who are completely against what Israel is doing.
Read it again and again until it sinks. It is not that easy to stomach (if your stomach is less robust than mine, that is) in all its humongous stupidity.

The second fink - here you have a snapshot of a good moment and a good quote in one:

And here is the whole interview, but be warned: where the first fink is merely (but immeasurably) stupid, the second one leaves Goebbels standing.

Bob from Brockley has more on the second fink. Good stuff.