23 November 2005

This Isn't the United States? No shit?

One of our favorite sources of (dis)information - Arutz Sheva - publishes from time to time in its OPINION (yeah, capitals, so no mistake) these fire and brimstone articles of Batya Medad.

Batya describes herself as "a wife, mother, grandmother, writer, photographer and English teacher". Lotsa titles for one person. Unfortunately, she frequently ventures into areas where her knowledge is a bit wobbly. Like in that unfortunate article "This Isn't the United States". The title by itself is a gem. Oy vey, thought we the junior Elders, how did a person come up with this discovery by herself?

The object of all this fire and other elements was our poor High Court of Justice, especially its current head Aharon Barak.

After a bit of a lyrical preamble about the harmony of that three-branched check and balance system of US government, Batya comes to a description of our (Israeli) local depraved system, and this is where the circus starts.

"In Israel, the judges are approved by a committee made up of other judges. It's a real closed club. And that's only the technical part of the business."

Yes, dear Batya, it is a technicality, but you have started from a wrong foot already. You see, that committee is defined quite strictly:

"The Committee shall consist of nine members, namely, the President of the Supreme Court, two other judges of the Supreme Court elected by the body of judges thereof, the Minister of Justice and another Minister designated by the Government, two members of the Knesset elected by the Knesset and two representatives of the Chamber of Advocates elected by the National Council of the Chamber."


"In Israel, the Supreme Court is dominated by Supreme Court President Aharon Barak who sees his role as the Supreme Guide to Justice and Proper Ideology and Values for Israel."

Wow - how could that happen? Instead of, say, a chief economist of the Ministry of Finance, the Supreme Court is dominated by... The Chief Justice!!! Gevald!!!

So no dice here. Let's move to the next pearl:

"So, the bottom line is that the true dictator of Israel is not Ariel Sharon; he is Aharon Barak."

I have checked our (The Elders') roster, and you, Batya, are not one of us so far. So why do you try to mislead them? The truth is that we, The Elders, are the only rulers of the Universe, so here. If Arik or Aharon tell you different, do not try to be objectionable, let them have some lemonade and cool off in the shadow of that nice porch of yours.


"Barak with the help of his court, even has the power to veto government laws."

Yes, Batya, in a country where some super-corrupted MKs have the super-chutzpa to pass a law that allows uncontrolled distribution of jobs to their political buddies, we must have a safety valve. In the country where the laws get so freely interpreted by all kinds of "experts", somebody must stand fast to prevent the insanity from taking over. Too bad that some of the beliefs you hold dear are sometimes overriden by the laws of the State of Israel.

"He also controls the committee that approves judges; so, basically, he controls this country."

Already disposed off - both the committee and who really controls what.

"The root of this problem is how and who constructed the principles of the Israeli government after the country was established in 1948."

Yes, the people who set up this shebang did not come with a messianic message from Bronx. True. Too bad, but this is what we have here.

"Honestly, I don't fully understand what tools we have to correct it."

Good. Let it stay this way. Who knows what happens if and when you finally grok it.

"Israel is far from being a Hebrew-speaking United States."

Baruch Ha Shem. We have to do it differently in out shtetl, you must agree with that...

"Not that I personally would want a duplicate, but I definitely don't want to live in a dictatorship, which this is."

Don't wait then. It is a yes or no situation. Or, as they say in Odessa, it is either yes or the other one of the two...

"And remember that Ariel Sharon only succeeded in forcing through Disengagement because the Israeli Supreme Court approved of it."

Now, Batya, this is the real reason for that fire, not to speak about the brimstone. Right? We do understand where the dog is buried, ain't we?

Be well, Batya, and do not play politics. Se geit shtark shlecht.

The Elders (juniors).


Akaky said...

Guys, while I agree that Israel is not a Hebrew-speaking United States and that due to the different historical circumstances in which Israeli democracy developed it is never likely to be, I must point out that the only part of New York City situated on the mainland United States is not called Bronx unless you are using the word in its official capacity as Bronx County. For all other uses the home of the Zoo and the land of the Yankees, God bless them, is THE Bronx.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

OK, the correction registered. In any case Bronx was used as a pointer to the general area where the messianic virus is roaming free.