05 November 2005

Highly educational Iranian children movie

This here creation of visual art is intended for children. However, it could be both educational and inspirational for grown-ups as well, and should be marked F (no, it does not mean fucked up, you dirty minds you).

Eat your liver, Spielberg, go climb a tree,
Tarantino! Here comes a Persian master who's dust you are not worthy to eat. Not only is it the Art at its highest pinnacle, not only is it a thriller that keeps you in suspense to its last second, it is a detailed technical guide that, being used to the letter, shall definitely bring peace to the Middle East and its environs. And show these mumbling pseudo-Muslims in Cairo, Damascus and Riyadh who is the top dog, the head honcho, the capo di capi, the Real Muslim.

Pay especial attention to the white dove at the right upper corner of the screen.

Peace Be Upon You!

P.S. Since the movie clip comes courtesy of MEMRI, it is obviously a Zionist fake, paid for by the Elders to tarnish the peaceful unassuming Tehran regime. Still, you can enjoy it now, just make the right conclusions, please...


Anonymous said...

humor and humor are not the only things to consider.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Her body bathed in tears, she lifted her head towards the dusty ceiling. The tears flowed from her red, swollen eyes as she cried uncontrollably."

"I can't believe it will end like this! Please, Lord, show me some mercy and I will forever be your servant.” She hung her head and sobbed. She felt hopeless and exhausted as she allowed reality to fade to black before she embraced sleep like a guardian angel."

Just to think that I was going to delete that comment as spam (which it clearly is)! The sheer poetry of it is priceless!