19 November 2005

Bernanke Jew? Jew Bernanke?

Dear guest: whatever your intentions regarding that search may be, please click here and answer a simple question. It will take only a few seconds of your valuable time, and the Elders are ready to compensate you for the effort.

Here is the compensation.

Our watchful eye discerned a lot of excitement and movement in the virtual life area called Internet. It appears that a lot of you out there cannot digest the mundane event that happened in the Elders second* seat of power - that grimy place called Washington DC.

We mean the replacement of one Jew - Alan Greenspan by another Jew - Ben Bernanke**.

Many of you lowlife anti-Semitic bigots cannot get over it, judging by the endless searches for "Jew Bernanke" or "Bernanke Jew" that inundate Google lately. This, in spite of what we have already told you on these pages - yes, he is Jewish and yes, the appointment was carefully weighed by the Elders DOGA - department of goyim affairs.

What? Are you out of your tiny muddled minds? Council of the Elders? To settle such a minor issue? Nah, do not overestimate the value of that job - there are more debts than cash at the moment, and re Fort Knox - nah, forget it...

So rest assured - there is nothing new under the sun, not if we, the Elders***, do not decide differently. In case we decide differently, a short notice to this effect will be issued in the main newspapers in the "Classified" under "Help wanted" category.

Meanwhile, keep calm and make sure the daily intake of hallucinogenic drugs is not exceeded, we do not look kindly at excesses in this area.


(*) What do you think - you will get from us a precise location of our main place? Go climb a tree.

(**) Have anyone of you suckers noticed the initials of that guy? Yes - BB. Now swallow this.

(***) The truth is I am not exactly authorized to issue this message under the Elders' name, but for this case I got a special permission.


Anonymous said...

I was not sure before but now I know for a fact that you and every other stinking jew like you is going to hell

Anonymous said...

only a schmendrik like you would say 'low lifes' - you putz 'n tuchos - if it weren't from the goyshekopfts, we'd be back in the god dasmned warsaw ghetto trying to rip each other off - thank god for them, we don't have to cause theres so many of them, so little of us

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Onanimous, dear, if you want yourself to be understood, don't try Yiddish, esp. with such a strong German accent. Better choose a language you know. Of course, if it's not English, Hebrew or Russian, your comment will be deleted - nothing personal, you see...