25 November 2005

Don't Bomb Us?

This here is a new blog opened by Al-Jazeera staffers.

"Did you know we have a Code of Ethics?", they ask.

It really cracked us up here is the Elders' department of propaganda. No, really, do they threaten that B and B pair by that Code of Ethics? What kind of answer is that?

Anyway, boys and girls, dear colleagues - do not worry and do not get your knickers all bunched.

First of all, for Dubya it was only a fleeting thought, and he forgot about it already - not that Tony worked all that hard to prevent the bombing.

In any case, Dubya doesn't have a slightest idea where the heck you are hiding, so rest assured that it wouldn't happen anytime soon. Even if someone gets bombed it could as well happen in another part of the world, so your risk is negligent.

And re that question: "Should I go to work today?" - what kinda question this is? We are not saying you, Mr. Yousef Al-Shouly, are definitely not going be stricken by a bus or by a runaway camel or by bird flu on your way to the office. But otherwise, your chances to be bombed by USAF today are nill. Take it to your bank - just don't try to get a loan out of it.

Remember, we control all the money! And everything else too, by the way.


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