03 November 2005

Judean Peoples Liberation Front vs People's Liberation Front of Judea

This story filled me with bile for the rest of the day. I am afraid it will take more than one drink (yes, you little shits, I do indulge in that blessed habit too) to rinse my brain.

Give it a read, if you please:

"This event was marred by the effrontery of the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, who staged an obscene demonstration attempting to present themselves, and the Israeli state, as the victims rather than the aggressors in this case."

"My organisation, Jews Against Zionism, was not prepared to let this pass without comment, and we therefore staged a counter-demonstration with a leaflet against the Zionist Federation, and in honour of the memory of Rachel Corrie. We attracted some 15 to twenty people, and many people who attended the concert were delighted to note that the Zionist demonstration was not unopposed."

In short, two disgusting groups with two disgusting agendas. Potses against paskudnyaks (see the Yiddish user manual for details).

Pox upon both their houses.


Anonymous said...

The Skies Are Weeping, a cantata in honour of Rachel Corrie

Cantata is spelled incorrectly.

levi9909 said...

"Judean Peoples Liberation Front vs People's Liberation Front of Judea"

That's a good headline. I wish I'd have thought of it.