23 November 2005

Punished for virtual adultery?

Ananova tells that "a Romanian woman demanded a divorce for virtual adultery after she caught her husband surfing the internet for porn."

It is unclear why a virtual divorce is not enough punishment for that "virtual adultery". And why bother a real flesh and bones judge with a virtual case?

After a detailed review of the article, another issue came up:

"Ion said he found himself tempted by the XXX images after he bought his younger son a new computer and accessed the internet."

("Ion" above does not mean a positively charged particle, it is a name of that negatively thinking Romanian husband)

So, Ion, next time before getting engrossed in smut, think positively. Buy a computer first for your spouse and teach her how to get the most out of it. Then buy one for your son and one for yourself.

And if you don't have money for three PCs, go to the library, you turkey. It is free there. And your old lady will not bother you.