28 November 2005

Peres' brother rips Peretz as 'foreign body in Labor'

Wow. We mean, like, "WOW"!

It is not enough that the old loser is spreading rumors about joining that new Arik's party (possibly more than just rumors).

It is not enough that he is projecting the notion of being unjustly insulted by the thankless comrades in the Labor (so what, when did he win any election?).

Now he is sending out his brother Gigi to say things that for him would be very un-PC to utter.

"Peretz and his people are a foreign body in the Labor Party, like General Franco in Spain," Gigi Peretz told Army radio in an interview.

Referring to Peretz' former Knesset faction, Gigi Peres said "This game is entirely clear - the One Nation people came from North Africa, took over, and shot them in the back."

Here is a friendly advice from the Elders, Gigi: go fuck yourself. Vigorously. No stopping till we say so.

And do not take breaks for any additional interviews, please.

The mug of the fossil follows - just for the fun of it: