22 November 2005

Sharon Upgraded

The aging and dilapidated leader was recently taken in for a partial overhaul, in a last ditch attempt to get the SharonDrone ready for the reopening of the Knesset, and the upcoming elections. Major cosmetic as well as hardware and Software updates were performed:

The Dove\Hawk routine was given a wider ambiguity scope, consequently affecting his eyes, which can now operate independently in axis, resulting in a broader wide screen intake. Although his squint to the left has been readjusted, the extreme right field of view has suffered irreversible damage. One manifestation that has baffled the experts, is his total inability to see the colour Orange - it just doesn't register.

Discerning readers will note the independent axis of the eyes, with a noticeable shift to the left

The fuselage was given some reinforcement, as more-of-the-same equipment was loaded on. We've planned for greater loading capacity as he'll need to carry within his new look superstructure an assortment of Likudite reject gremlins that our scientists forecast will grow in stature as they go about the daily business of accumulating corruption and intrigue.

His neck mechanism was also given increased forward movement, with a telescopic feature, and look down/shoot down facility enabling him to see past his cargo hold. This came about as a result of the Knesset's toilet cleaners complaint that he constantly overshoots the target.