04 November 2005

Diego and Dubya

This set of pictures in Sky News is quite amazing. While Guardian in its usual pompous fashion declares that:

Latin America prepares to 'say no to Bush'

with a subtitle: "Maradona leads protests at summit in Argentina", Sky News presents another view of the story. In pictures with short comments.

"What's football legend Diego Maradona so upset about? He and thousands of others are angry that President Bush is coming to his homeland Argentina for the Summit of the Americas."

Well, I do not feel any special love for GWB.
One can understand, if not necessarily repeat that special grimace only "The hand of God" knows how to do.

Still, what is it that inspires "The hand of God" so strongly. Here it comes:

"Diego has promised to take the lead in an anti-Bush protest because his friend, Cuban leader Fidel Castro, is not attending the meeting."

Now it is a bit more clear. But the next picture shows that the inspiration could lead somewhat too far. Notice that special symbol used to replace "s" in "Bush".

What can one say?

Amigo, I am very happy that you are out of rehab, hopefully for long enough time to get yourself together and that your eating habits got closer to resemble these of a human being.

However, hating Dubya is one thing and branding him a Nazi out of love to Fidel (of all the democratic rulers for chrissake) or out of sheer stupidity, is quite another.

Shortly: you are full of shit, amigo.

And keep that golden hand of yours warm and protected, who knows, maybe it will bring you yet another goal, to shame the Brazilians...


KalamazooKid said...

Cool earrings!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, my mom never allowed me to get one.

And I do not play football.

On the other hand, I never snorted stuff and never got to weigh 150 kg.

Things one misses in life...

Fabián said...

I think he is a droid...cannot be the same person. The real and fat Maradona is still in Cuba, maybe.