20 November 2005

Strait Gate Ministries and Jew Bernanke

More on the same subject: it appears that this issue agitates a small but dedicated team of 6 and some volunteers that calls itself "Strait Gate Ministries" and is located, of all places, in Scottsdale Arizona.

The name is maybe confusing a bit. Do not take it phonetically, since it is not "straight" but "strait", like in "A narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water", or "A bad or difficult situation or state of affairs", or "Strict and severe" - whichever one you prefer.

Anyway, straight they are not, apparently. We (the Elders) have already made it perfectly clear that we do not mind, we are very tolerant.

Obviously this group got wise to some of our ways. They say re Jew Bernanke:

"Controlling our money, Ben Shalom Bernanke"

"Ben Shalom Bernanke is only the new hood ornament on a huge black limo with opaque windows."

Well, first of all - the whole amount of US$$ in Scottsdale Arizona is of interest, maybe, to an ice cream cart owner. Then re the limo: it only appears to be a limo. In reality it is a first-class personnel carrier for the 6 ft lizards who are our partners and blood relatives. So here. But the general trend is there, no buts about it.

Re our power of prediction - they got something right too:

Israelis forcast higher interest rates for USA:
Quoting Haaretz Oct 26, 2005

"How do they know?"

Referring to:

" The expected rise in U.S. interest rates..."

Well, they got it only partly right. We know, since we tell them what the interest rates will be, stupid.

In short - good job. We realize your mental limitations and moral qualms, but you are going in the right directions, Fathers. Keep going, and maybe we'll have to send you a special greeting. Via TheMaiden.

P.S. A query to Elders' archiver:

Wasn't Scottsdale AZ in the direct line of the H-bomb test fallout in 53 or 54? The natives are uncharacteristically frisky there.

Yes? OK, that explains a lot.