09 November 2005

Rubbish, all of it? WTF?

"Rubbish, all of it", says some character named "
What the fuck? Who dares? What is this thingy that calls itself Mark Elf?

My first impulsive response was to call upon the good services of TheMaiden (see here). She is somewhat moody lately, and some fresh blood mixed with excrement and tears will do her lots of good. At least, she will disappear for a few days and stop clocking our performance for the duration.

However, after a glass of mint tea with latkes, I have decided to look at that varmint and his stinking e-place, named for some unfathomable reason "Jews sans Frontieres". What in the whole bunch of chicken entrails does it mean (after all I do not dig Froggish)? So I have started googling, looking for anything that calls itself "... sans frontieres". OK, so far I have:

  • Medecines sans Frontieres (means doctors without borders)
  • Reporters sans Frontieres (means reporters without borders) - aha, I am catching the drift now
  • Animaux sans Frontieres (somefink to do with livestock) - cool
  • Pharmaciens sans Frontieres (that's pillpushers for you) - well, no beef with these as well
Veyz mir - quite a list, and there are more and more! But what the heck does it all have to do with Jews? Is it that this foxy Mark Elf boy is keeping his busy little finger in all of these pies, helping out the needy and the suffering all over that little globe? Wow! Elders should know about the competition then.

Nah, false alarm. It seems that the little dreck is one of them Anti-Zionist busybodies. It is all that simple, I have just looked at that handy manual GideonSwart put together, and everything became clear. This is your typical SSJ (Self-Serving Jew) with all the trimmings. A bit more stinky than the usual garden variety, but definitely one of the more evolved models the Elders' Q6 department is putting out lately. So, a colleague after all. False alarm.

There are a few bugs in his makeup, though, that I would have to discuss with Q6 designers. Namely:

  • What kinda name is Mark Elf? Is he some kind of a shy Jew who made himself over into Mak Elf from Moishe Lefkowitz? Not good for propaganda and confuses the Russians.
  • And why is Moishe Lefkowitz posting under a moniker Levixxx? Is he aspiring to a more active role in the Elders' hierarchy, that paskudnyak? Doesn't he know that Levi... is strictly reserved for the field operatives and not for some make-believe entry level ZioBots?
  • What is that huge boner he developed for our dear (non-Jewish) volunteer Nick Cohen? He is at least five or six levels lower in the Elders' hierarchy than Nick, and should know his place by now, that little fart.
  • And that Baruch Spinoza bullshit - he seems to be too paranoid for his current assignment. It is not his business to outguess what his elder Elders are doing and what for.

Anyway, this model seems to work quite well, but should be fine tuned (a field technicians team is indicated) to function better. It could be that all that British dampness got to his wiring...

P.S. Being of a hot temper myself, I have used some terms (paskudnyak, varmint, dreck, etc.) that are applicable only to our serious enemies and to some members of substance in the Elders' outfit. In this case, methinks, only the "little fart" should be applicable. Let him prove yet that he merits "dreck", not to mention "paskudnyak", which is reserved for some special people.

P.P.S. Hattip to Hulkagaard for letting us know that Moishe Lefkowitz is farting in our general direction. Good move, Hulky! We promise to kill you quickly.


Fabián said...

Your site is very funny. Keep up the good work Elders!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks buddy. Just make sure not to get into our sights ;-)