19 February 2013

Why did he leave me?

Somebody sent me this story recently. I have done my best, googling for its pedigree, but the earliest appearance I was able to find,  dated February 2006, doesn't carry the name of its author. So I am translating it unattributed. With Google help, of course, so don't judge it too harshly. In my humble, it's a good one.


Dear editor! My name is Alla N. from the city of M. I am writing in order to:

1. have a good cry.
2. try to understand my mistake.
3. get your advice.

We lived with my husband for ten years, but on the anniversary of our marriage he left me. And not just left, but disgraced me in front of all my colleagues as well. I work in school, teaching Russian language and literature.

If my husband had gone:

a) to his mistress
b) because I cheated
c) because we had a bad life,

I would feel much better and be more understanding. But he left for no apparent reason.

What annoys me the most: in ten years we have never had an argument. We lived as one soul, leading quiet and uneventful life. I gave him all the comfort of the family and made his life as pleasant as I was able to. I've never forced him to help me out at home because:

1. He would have done it wrong anyway
2. I find it easier and faster to do everything by myself
3. I am used to order, and he could not remember basic things, such as which sponge should be used for cups, and which one for dishes.

I am also sad because for 10 years of my life I've shielded him from all household problems and took care of him like of a child. And he, in return, disgraced me in front of the whole team. I will explain the details:

We've celebrated our wedding anniversary on Saturday. I prepared everything the day before and cleaned the house. In the morning we congratulated each other. I gave my husband a pair of green slippers in the color of his bathrobe, and he gave me a silk scarf of some incredible colors that do not fit my coats or the raincoat, though I begged him many times not to give me anything, since he doesn't have elemental taste. But that morning, I thanked my husband, so as not to spoil the anniversary for both of us. However, my husband apparently felt that I was unhappy and decided to annoy me: instead of set 6 (Saturday), he suddenly picked up and put on the set 4, for Thursday. I restrained myself and reminded my husband that it is Saturday, and thus he must wear the set 6, but in the evening he should put on the holiday set 8.

The fact is that my husband doesn't have an elementary taste, so I, not to be ashamed by his ridiculous appearance, once and forever put the things in order, organizing his clothes in sets for each day of the week, matching up ties to shirts and socks to trousers. He has sets for summer, winter and for the off-season. Each set also includes underwear, handkerchief, belt, gloves (if needed) and so on. And I always put a note in the shirt's pocket, with a list of things to do. I value punctuality and tidiness highly and I think that success of any business depends on the right plan. So I always plan for my husband:

1. What aftershave to use with the set of the day.
2. Which coat, depending on the weather, to wear today.
3. And what shoes to put on with the set.

This morning, after my remark, he didn't change the clothes quietly but suddenly asked if he could today, on Saturday, put on the underwear from set 6, and the rest from set 4. To which I answered, in a subdued manner, that to do so will be a mistake, because on Thursday he may have problems with the socks from the set 4 and shoes from the set 6. In response, my husband has started to spew some perfect nonsense: that on Thursday he will wear shoes from set 4 and will not break my "schizophrenic" order.

This is what he said: "Schizophrenic."

After that, we had a fight for the first time and did not speak to each other the whole day. By the time the guests should have come I set the table and dressed, but my husband was still sitting dressed in set 4, but I was quiet and did not say anything on purpose! And my husband went to change only when the doorbell rung (my guests always come to us on time, knowing my love of punctuality).

He dressed for a very long time. We all had to sit down meanwhile. But I decided not to go into the bedroom to ask him to hurry, being offended by that "schizophrenic order". And here we sit at the table, with me at the head, waiting patiently. I tried to appear cheerful, even jocular, I said that my husband himself set the table, so I had time to change my clothes, and he did not ...

Then my husband suddenly comes out. You have no idea what happened: he put on one item from each set, instead of the holiday set 8! I, of course, pretended that everything is fine, but when he sat down, whispered to him: "We have lived with you 10 years, and I had no idea you were such a sophisticated sadist."

And then my husband left the table, stopped in the middle of the room and has done something hideous. He took off his jacket and shouted: "Jacket of everyday set 1, worn on Mondays!" Then he took off his tie and threw it aside and shouted "Tie for everyday set 2, to use on Tuesdays." And so on, till he came to Sunday. That is down to his briefs. If he stopped at that, maybe I would have been able to forgive him, but he took off his undies, threw them at me and said: "Briefs from the holiday set 8, worn for anniversaries, weddings, birthdays and New Year's Eve."

Then my husband took the car keys, documents and left the apartment naked, without even slamming the door.

That's why I write to you, dear editor, I can not understand how, having lived 10 years together, it is possible to:

1. offend someone so close to you
2. change so suddenly
3. leave one's wife for no reason and without provocation.

And most importantly, I do not understand why he did it.

Regards, Alla N. from the city of M.


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Lordy, what a life.

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Actually, for him it was as easy as 1, 2, 3,.......

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Reminds of Chekhov's short story: "A Peculiar Man" but with the roles reversed. http://classiclit.about.com/library/bl-etexts/achekhov/bl-achek-peculiar.htm

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