11 February 2013

Blessed are those who believe

No, that's not about what you think it is. It's about that CNN headline:

Sperm smuggling alleged at terror prison

Al-Ziben says she got pregnant by her husband because he managed to have his sperm smuggled out of a high security prison.
Of course, the whole smuggling business is mightily secret:
She and the other women will tell you all about their babies, but not a word about how exactly their husband's semen was smuggled out of a high security Israeli prison leaving enough time for the semen to still be considered viable.
Is this the point where one is allowed to cackle darkly, as is the usual villain's privilege?
"I'm not going to tell so I won't ruin it for other people," Rimah Silawi whispers in response to our question.
Me too...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

An obvious lie. Although, for whose benefit? To perplex the authorities, or to fool the imprisoned husbands who participated though their sperm did not stay viable. Not that it was necessary to begin with.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Or to produce more kids with Jooish genes ;-)