26 February 2013

Good news all round

"The New York Daily News published an op-ed Monday by BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) founder Omar Barghouti—and then summarily debunked and bashed the piece in its own editorial."

Need I say more? Except that it publishes Barghouti's piece and, at the same time, directs the reader to its own editorial. The links are all in the Algemeiner piece.

But here's a taster (I'm looking forward to reading the editorial myself): "...it proceeds to clarify many of the distortions of Barghouti’s article, but not before first stating that Barghouti’s main aim is to “effectively dismantle the Jewish state” through methods that “verge on anti-Semitism while claiming respectability” with his skill “as a propagandist.”

BTW, is the NY Daily News a Murdoch paper? If so, that would at least partly explain its stance: get someone to hold them, while the rest of the staff hit them! Sounds good to me!

By: Brian Goldfarb

Update: apparently (thanks to the Soccer Dad), the Daily News is a Mortimer Zuckerman paper and not of the Murdoch empire. Good job anyway.