17 February 2013

Chavez and 'alternative' treatments

According to this, Cuban and Russian physicians decided to try some unorthodox methods on their patient.

"Today our commander is undergoing alternative treatments. They are complex and difficult treatments that must, at some point, end the cycle of his illness," Maduro said in comments on state TV.
Since Mr Maduro didn't specify the nature of the treatments, we had to do some spying on this one. Here are the results:


At some point, indeed...

Update: After the above was written, I have discovered the nature of the 'alternative' treatments, thanks to Al Jazeera:
...Chavez is shown looking at Thursday's issue of the Cuban Communist Party newspaper Granma, his daughters still flanking him.
Now the meaning of what Maduro says (below) became clear:
On Wednesday, Maduro said that Chavez is now undergoing "extremely complex and tough" treatments, which he did not specify.
Maduro, as other Venezuelans, may not be aware of it, not being familiar with Granma, but this is a most cruel and inhuman treatment invented by man. So far everyone who ever read Granma died, should I say more?


SnoopyTheGoon said...

You may have played this game before, but do you realize that Chavez is a common Sephardic Spanish surname?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Ha? I will be.... not him, please.

I prefer Fidel, but this character... oh boy...