10 February 2013

A few more crappy headlines

This time from Jerusalem Post.

Obama and Netanyahu: The start of a beautiful friendship?

Barack Obama, set to visit Israel for the first time as US president, has realized that if he wants to make progress on the peace track, he needs to establish a better rapport with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
Yeah... now pull the other one...

PM slams 'disgraceful' arson attack on Betar HQ

Why does he slam it? It's a golden opportunity to close this nest of arseholes and, even better, the whole football business in this country.

Rabbis rule on shape of borekas

Finally. My thirty years of doubts, worry and sleepless night came to an end. Happy end, I have to add.

Animal-drawn carts to be forbidden on roads

Yes, it's a timely measure. When the price of gas is sky high and people start considering going forward to horse-drawn carriages, comes our wise minister of transport and...

Besides, the chances of finding horsemeat in one's burger will skyrocket now too, what with horses being dismissed.