15 February 2013

Significant reduction in the ranks of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Israel blamed. So what's new?

Reuters reports (brought to us via the Foreign Policy online journal) that Syrian rebels have killed a senior Iranian revolutionary Guard officer.

Then we have the suggestion that Mossad gets everywhere. The Times of Israel reports that an Iranian Revolutionary Guard General was killed by them. The report states that "An Iranian independent news website reported early Thursday morning that Gen. Hassan Shateri was killed by “mercenaries of the Zionist regime.” This is followed, in the same article, by a further report, that another senior Iranian official was killed just after his car crossed into Lebanon from Syria. It's not clear whether or not they were in the same car.

So far, no-one has directly linked the three deaths, and not to Israel either, apart from just the one. Any bets on how long it will take?

By: Brian Goldfarb