22 February 2013

A very early Chanukah present this year

The real question is can we expect seven more gifts as good as this? And what is this: " The Free Syrian Army (FSA) is reported to have begun shelling Hezbollah positions on the Syrian-Lebanese border, following a 48 hour ultimatum issued to the Iran-backed terrorist group." Could it get better? Islamist targeting Islamist? Not because of doctrinal disputes, but because of very real, this world differences.

This comes about, of course, because Hezbollah (whose patron is Iran, which, in turn, is allied with Assad) members are in Syria, fighting against the rebels and for Assad. It really doesn't matter how often Nasrallah claims that while this is true, they are doing it as individuals. Oh, really? We all know that an organisation as authoritarian as Hezbollah wouldn't let its members go off to Syria without permission and even encouragement.

While we all know that the IDF can manage a 3-front war if it has to (and we would all assume that it has only got better at these things in the intervening 45 years), could Hezbollah? With any luck, they'll manage to piss the Israelis off enough to bring them down on themselves while still being attacked by the Syrian rebels. This is all easy for me to say, I don't live there, and I really don't want any Israeli lives at even more risk that they already are (we have family and good friends there), still, in military-political terms, the scenario is compelling.

See how I arrive at this position by reading The Commentator article.

By: Brian Goldfarb   


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Could not have happened to a more deserving bunch. May the Hezbollah leaders all end hanging higher than Haman!

SnoopyTheGoon said...