21 February 2013

Boycott Sodastream? Or not?

Some people may know about the story, some wouldn't:

The Israeli company, which sells a popular kitchen gadget that turns tap water into carbonated drinks, has a large factory in a West Bank settlement. When SodaStream announced that it would run an ad during the Super Bowl, the pro-Palestinian boycott campaign against the company reached a fever pitch.
Indeed, if you google for "boycott sodastream" you shall find a myriad links. It is like the whole world and its mother in law are engaged in a war against one company.

Now check this out:

You may also want to read the article (first link in this post).


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Birnbaum is quite the passionate salesman. I never heard of the product, probably because I didn't watch the SuperBowl. Do I need to go out and buy a Soda Stream? Hope those interviewed Paly workers don't get in trouble for saying there's no other opportunities in their area.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I don't keep one, cause it seems to be more of a hassle to change the CO2 containers every time than to buy a new six-pack of soda bottles. I know that it's not a Green thing, but...