04 February 2013

M.J. Rosenberg on Hagel: he lied at the hearings

M.J. Rosenberg, whom I hesitate to characterize as a worm for fear of offending some invertebrate, tweeted the following during the Hagel's hearings at the Senate:

I spent a couple of hours with Hagel a few years ago. Talked about Israel. Happily, he is lying today & knows it. He'll be a good SeDef.
I would recommend to listen to what this critter says, he knows all about lying. I would also recommend to read the whole linked above post (and the comments too), there is much more.

I was startled first at the brazen openness of that exchange, after all it could be damaging to Hagel, as well as to the man behind his nomination. But then I had me a second thought: the POTUS is in his second term now, so the gloves could be removed...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Maybe. I'd still argue that the Putz has to kowtow to his party. But, really, Hagel won't be the first Anti-Semite in the Pentagon. It's an old custom of the military, criticizing Jews, and especially those mouthy Israelis. The one good thing about Hagel is that he's stupid. The bad thing is that he's a yes-man, which is why Putz wants him there.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I am not sure still that he is a full-blown anti-Semite, not beyond a good percentage of other WASPs.

As for stupidity: yes, the clip from hearing you sent me shows him being quite dumb.