03 February 2013

The globalization math exercise

Here is the input data for the calculation:

A 59-year-old Iranian got busted by Duesseldorf (that's in Germany) airport customs for carrying undeclared check for 300 million Venezuelan Bolivares issued by the Bank of Venezuela. Which is (more or less) equal to $70M or about €50M. Now the man faces a fine of €1 million ($1.4 million).


  1. How many new Siemens centrifuges for uranium enrichment did the 59-year-old intend to purchase?
  2. How many containers, ostensibly carrying Volkswagen Rabbit spare parts, will be required to smuggle the centrifuges to Iran?
  3. How strongly pissed off with our 59-year-old Iranian protagonist will the Iranian Chief of Staff be (in decibels)?
  4. Same question as above re Venezuelan partner of the Iranian Chief of Staff.
  5. How much fuel will a loaded bomber plane need to get to the location of these centrifuges in Iran from a) Okinawa and b) Tel Aviv?
Additional rules:
  1. No cheating!
  2. Use metric system in your answer, please.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

How did they find the check? Was he stupid enough to have it tucked into his passport?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

My guess will be some intel passed between some interested parties.