16 February 2013

The humiliation of palestinian refugees

For more than 60 years now the issue of Palestinian refugees is kept alive and kicking by the 300 million strong Arab world, with support and connivance of UN. There is only one reason for doing so: the Arab world's insistence on keeping the fires of Israeli/Palestinian conflict going, for using the enmity and hate to distract their own people from their own problems.

No other refugee group in the world received anything even remotely similar to the travesty of UNRWA - a unique organization that's whole purpose is to uphold indefinitely the status of Palestinians as refugees.

No other refugee group in the world received as heartless and as dehumanizing treatment as Palestinians - and this by the Arab world, by their own brothers and sisters.

See the story as it is told by the Palestinians themselves - with the obligatory few seconds of the Zionist soldiers at the beginning, to be sure.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Certain Arab states had a vested interest in keeping the fires stoked as a nice way to divert attention from internal problems. well until recently.... What to say? what to do?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

The other problem is that the same states after the recent changes are even more interested in same...