01 December 2012

Inhabiting Rekab Street (that's Baker Street backwards)

This is an interesting variation of the Nick Cohen thesis found in "What's Left". The main advantage is that it takes a lot less time to read than Cohen's book.

It's from Richard Landes, over at The Augean stables. He's arguing, much as Andrew Roberts does in the last item I sent here, that Enlightenment thinking should trump Medieval theocratic thinking (or, if you prefer, proper progressive attitudes versus clerico-fascism). Read and enjoy.

By: Brian Goldfarb


David All said...

Brian, that article says it perfectly about what head-in-the-sand idiots the Politically Correct critics of Israel are.

PS: Have you ever thought about doing a film about your Life, Brian?

(okay, okay, I know that is bad, but I could not resist it)

Brian Goldfarb said...

It may be bad, but I deserved it for my headline. And it did make me laugh immediately - that is, I got it without having to scratch my head over it.