24 December 2012

Couldnt happen to a nicer clerico-fascist regime

The Times of Israel has stumbled across a new virus apparently targeting Iranian computer systems. That's the reason for the heading to this item. Further, it appears to especially like Microsoft Windows XP & Windows 7, he said smugly, given that he was typing this on an iMac. As the writer of the article says, "A new apparently simple computer virus targeting Iran may be more potent than it appears, according to an Israeli security expert."

It may be more serious than otherwise supposedly "simple" viruses are supposed to be because "The malware, considered a Trojan by security experts because it sits on a hard drive for a period and acts only at a specific trigger point, is being termed Batchwiper in the security community."

Heh, heh, heh...

Happy holidays to all you Zionists out there. And a less than happy holiday to the ayatollahs and their supposed puppet Mahmoud the Mad.

 By: Brian Goldfarb