07 December 2012

iPhone 5S specs leaked, customers lining up

In what is considered to be an implementation of the next revolutionary development from Steve Jobs' legacy list, Apple is preparing an even more radical step forward in its R&D and marketing: iPhone 5S.

According to the leaked info, the new model, as compared to its wildly successful predecessor -  iPhone 5, will have:

  • The same hardware
  • The same software
  • The same color scheme: 1. black and 2. white
  • The same packaging.
The only difference will be in the letter S and its hitherto undisclosed styling, which is being zealously guarded in the company vault at an undisclosed location. One insider claims that the styling was elaborated by the late Mr Jobs himself.

The team of psychologists working on the iPhone 5S project predicts a wave of pre-orders that may overflow the Interwebs capacity. Apple is also hiring a fleet of trucks to ferry discarded older models to be buried somewhere.

Release of the new model is being geared for May, when the mild weather will cause less suffering to the queuing overnight masses.

Samsung refused to respond to the rumors.

Update: Apple spokesperson rejected the insinuation that "S" stands for "Suckers"


Dick Stanley said...

Speaking of suckers... I finally upgraded (so to speak) from my dumb phone to a "smart" one, an iphone 4. Essentially because of a cool metronome app I just had to have to practice fiddle with. I don't really use a phone that much. Anyhow, I have now joined the party, just a few years and an out-of-date model iphone late.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Essentially because of a cool metronome app I just had to have to practice fiddle with."

Hah! I've heard better excuses ;-)

Dick Stanley said...

Hmm. Well that was my excuse. But I admit it is a nice toy. I also like the Reminder app which lets you list stuff that needs doing. Perfect for the forgetful.

Dick Stanley said...

Speaking of suckers...how's your Samsung coming along?

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I know, the importance of that reminder thing is getting through to me clearly too lately.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Samsung is OK so far. Doesn't break my hands when reading in bed and is pretty cool, even if today's standards are beyond it.

yitzgood said...

I have a 4S, replacing a Blackberry. I'm reasonably happy, but the touch-screen is annoying.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh-oh. Yitzchak, you sound like a potential dissident in the great and happy crowd of iUsers... beware, they may put you on notice for that annoyance.