19 December 2012

Mike Harris of Phoenix AZ and Zionist death squad in Newtown

Our signals department is rarely sleeping on the job, and this time wasn't exceptional: the electronic ink has barely dried, and the info is already streaming in, in big malodorous piles.

Press TV, the (in)famous propaganda branch of the Ayatollahs and their favorite pet, Mahmoud the Mad, outed the Zionist involvement behind the Newtown massacre. Apparently it was just another Zionist conspiracy. According to Ynet:
Iran's Press TV website quoted Michael Harris, former Republican candidate for governor of Arizona and GOP campaign finance chairman, as saying that "An Israeli death squad was involved in the Sandy Hook shooting."
As you can see, Press TV doesn't ask you to take the Ayatollahs' word as gospel. They have brought in an expert, and he doesn't half talk, he is a veritable eruption of information on Zionist plots.
A prominent Phoenix-based analyst tells Press TV that the Israelis and their media like Hollywood are behind most of the violent incidents happening within the United States namely the recent deadly New Town school shooting incident.
It may seem to an unprejudiced eye that Mike Harris was kept for years in a solitary confinement, gagged with his hands tied lest he writes some of that on a wall or on his toilet paper. And that this eruption is his first opportunity to share his information with the whole free world, starting, of course, with his sponsor in Tehran.

So, this post will not go into too many details of the Elders' involvement in the Connecticut shooting. The usual CIA/Mossad submarine from one of the unnamed Caribbean islands to the shores of Maine, then a black helicopter, on loan from the UN NWO (New World Order), the standard issue invisibility cloaks and a not very subtle mind control procedure to bring that witless patsy to the crime scene; but any occasional reader of Mossad/CIA conspiracies knows how it's done. By now even a sensational disclosure in the framework of our (the Elders', I mean) new policy of openness lost some of its novelty.

This is why, instead of going on in boring details about that or another secret operation, we have decided to add more spice to the openness and to start publishing the details of our field agents. Of course, to begin with small fishes, for now at least. Later - who knows?

So, Michael (Mike) Harris of Phoenix AZ. According to Press TV, he is "a prominent Phoenix-based analyst". After some googling, I can offer a bit more info:
Michael Harris came in third place in the 2006 Republican primary, which Len Munsil won before falling to Democrat Janet Napolitano. He is now the Phoenix-based financial editor of Veterans Today, a conspiracy-minded “military and foreign affairs journal” whose editorial board includes former Pakistani and Russian spies.
The "Veterans Today" rung a bell: indeed, it is a baby - an apple of his eye, so to say - of another prominent personality, one Gordon Duff, whom I already had a pleasure to present to our readers.

And there, under auspices of the worthy Mr Duff, our current protagonist, Mr Harris, is doing a great job of (allegedly*) unmasking Zionist plots all over the globe. And he surely doesn't mince his words, like in this touching elegy on the incarceration of David Duke in Germany:
The Soviet style Bolshevik’s hidden within the German government do not care about justice for David Duke; they only care about destroying him for his truthful and forthright manner which he exposes the true nature of Jewish inspired Communism worldwide.
Leaving aside the lack of editorial oversight re some basic grammar, the passionate call for freedom for one of the foremost patriots and spiritual leaders is a real doozy to read. Of course, leaving aside the insignificant detail of the patriot and leader being outed as the one of the early models of the Elders' Zionist reptilians.

There is another article, though, that clearly shows poor investigative techniques of the Iranian team at Press TV. In this article Mike Harris describes a real smasher: a mutual plot of Iranian Ayatollahs and... yes, the Zionists, believe it or not. The piece published in November 2011, is titled Follow The Money: Israel to Use Iran To Betray USA, Nuclear WAR In Middle East and Central Asia in Weeks.
Last week’s intelligence revelation that Iran has six nuclear weapons that formerly belonged to the Soviet Union, acquired in 2003, was significant.

The other significant revelation of the week was that Iran and Israel have colluded for a military engagement to close the Straits of Hormuz for a period of time to drive up the price of oil.
If you are still laughing when reading this, considering the huge oil reserves that the Zionists plan to flog at inflated prices, don't: the conspiracy goes much deeper, because:
Israel’s financial sponsors (House of Rothschild, City of London et al.) have already bet the farm on the price of oil futures rising above $120/barrel December 1st from the current spot price of $81-89/barrel; they cannot void those futures contracts, currently there are no buyers at that price.
I bet you don't laugh now, seeing as how the Rothschilds were linked. Anyway, Mr Harris has learned them Ayatollahs how not to be Zionist patsies, and they must be still reeling from this slap on their chops. Fact is that the nuclear war described by Mr Harris never happened, definitely because the timely publishing of his piece frightened the Zionists or the Iranians. Or both, I like to think. Well, it figures, and the world must be thankful to the fearless whistleblower. How did the Press TV miss this article is beyond me.

(*) The only fly in the ointment is Mr Harris himself, this is why "allegedly" appears over there. I am ready to admit that there was a hitch in preparation of Mr Harris for his duties as a double agent, who fearlessly and allegedly uncovers our alleged plots. We didn't teach him enough to cover his own identity, and here are the results: Mike Harris unwittingly discloses most sensitive information about his own self:
Mike Harris has over thirty years experience in manufacturing, finance and technology development. A participant in domestic and international start-ups, acquisitions and mergers, Mr. Harris founded Harris Technical Sales Inc. that became Motorola’s vendor of choice, placing over $1.2 billion of capital equipment worldwide. As Chairman of the Board of Eclipse Technology, improvements in logistics decreased Motorola downtime by 60% and decreased mean time between failures by 90%. As Chairman and CEO of TFG Acquisition Corporation, he drove an additional $300 million of value to Motorola shareholders.
Do you see how Motorola profited and continues to profit from Mr. Harris' activities? And who benefits from Motorola's profits, if not Google, the insidious arm of the Zionism? Granted, a few hundreds millions are pocket change for the Elders, who, according to same Mr. Harris, are breakfasting on billions and dining on trillions, but still... he has outed himself loud and clear. Not quite one of the Rot... you know whom I mean, but quite a busy bee of the Zionist cause, our Mike Harris.

What has remained unsaid? Maybe the curious fact that the Ron Paul's affiliate, the Daily Paul site, hastily republished that revelation of Mike Harris, changing the headline a bit, which now reads:

Israeli Death Squads Involved In Sandy Hook Bloodbath: Intelligence Analyst

Tee hee. You have been had by your betters, dear Paultards*. Again.

So there.

(*) As usual, it must be mentioned that Ron Paul is not responsible for the contents of Daily Paul. As usual.


Dick Stanley said...

Ah, those nefarious Republicans, untrustworthy anti-Semites under the skin, just like Ron Paul and this creature Harris. No wonder the righteous American Jewish community votes heavily for Democrats. Will they regret it, now that President "Gutsy Call" is arming the Muslim Brotherhood (20 new F-16s to Egypt) which will soon surround the Zionist Entity? Only time will tell. Well, at least there'll be no truck with the likes of Harris and Paul who are the real powers behind the Republican veil. Thank the deity.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I don't think that the previous affiliation of Harris with Republicans is in any way significant. Rather significant is the fact that a creature like this could gain enough electors to be of consequence, and his hate spewing. "I am very much anti-Israel, I want Israel off the face of the earth." Ehehe...

As for Ron Paul: we both know that he is (was) a Republican only in name, but we still don't know what makes all the conspiracy-minded freaks, the misfits and the bigots so attracted to him. The Daily Paul is a cesspool.

GideonSwort said...

This is a sad tale about lacking American healthcare and abandonment of vets to fend off PTSD on the web. All these plonkers need are SSRI's, regular straight jacket hugs and a few volts to calm their overactive Amygdala.

KatieNorcross said...

It is a well known fact that to the idiots of the world, everything is because of the Jooooooos.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Not sure that Harris character is a veteran.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh, that goes without saying, but saying this could never hurt, could it?

Roberto said...

Mr. Harris have spoken very well. But I fear that it is "wrong" less than before every speaker, who held the truth!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I am glad to know Mr Harris is not alone in his good fight. Thank you very much, Roberto.

David All said...

The wackos will always have someone to blame for all the world's troubles, not to mention their own. It is comforting to have a big mysterious sinister conspiracy to fight against. It is something a person can never win, but it helps them to avoid having to blame themsevles for their own problems. These anti-Israeli wackos are as crazy as those who believe that Obama is behind the New Town horror.

Back in the 18th & 19th Centuries, an overwhelming Protestant America thought the Catholic Church to be the source of all Evil to happen to the USA. Even Lincoln's assainaiation
was thought to be the result of a Catholic conspiracy!

PS: Was wondering how long it would take for Dick to make one of his anti-Obama rants

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Wackos like this one are rather more trouble, since this one is pretty much in the public eye, spewing his kind of hate.