12 December 2012

Gazan M-75 perfume: the scent of the future

This news really tickled my hitherto dreaming sense of fashion:

A new perfume created in Gaza will bear the name of a missile designed by Hamas, which was fired at Jerusalem and Tel Aviv during Operation Pillar of Defense. A local cosmetics company, decided to name a new scent M-75, saying “the fragrance is pleasant and attractive, like the missiles of the Palestinian resistance.”
Being very conservative (a euphemism for "lazy") in the matters of fashion, including aftershave, deodorant etc, I have decided to give the new scent a try at first opportunity. I hope our government will allow export of this perfume, after all we should support any peaceful activity in Gaza. So wait for my full report on the stuff.

Meanwhile, I would like to offer the worthy perfumiers of Gaza a few ideas on expanding their "resistance" line of offerings, such as:
  • "Ahmed Jabari's aroma of paradise". Should include, between other ingredients, mixed fragrance of 72 eternal virgins and smell of rose petals floating in guava juice, all that on a strong, but not overwhelming background of Hellfire missile exhaust fumes with a hint of vaporized innards.
  • "Whiff of a smuggling tunnel". This aftershave should reflect on many substances smuggled via the hundreds of tunnels on Gaza-Egypt border, including various food items, domestic animals, rockets and ammunition, judiciously mixed with the smells of earth, underground mold and, of course, the body odors of the fearless smugglers. The fragrance of 72 virgins should be used as a remote hint only.
  • "My hubby the martyr". This perfume for a selected group of women should present, on a background of frankincense and sandalwood, a collection of manly aromas that will remind the ladies of their dear departed. Odors of freshly cleaned and oiled Kalashnikov rifle, well worn Puma sport shoe and of utter surprise at the sight of a tank cannon shell closing in are recommended. The aroma of 72 virgins is not to be added or even mentioned!
Etc. Please don't hesitate to call for more proposals.

According to the same article, it appears that Gazans are not, strictly speaking, pioneering this market:
After the Second Lebanon War in 2006, a perfume tagged with the slogan “the scent of resistance” was marketed in Lebanon several months later.

The Lebanese Daily Star reported back then that “if you’ve ever wondered what resistance smells like, then try a dab of ‘Resistance Perfume,’ which comes ‘exclusively’ with a political messages and a picture of Hezbollah Secretary-General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah.”
I was surprised that the Lebanese creators of perfume didn't continue this interesting line of products with brands like "Running for my bunker", "Six years underground" and "Fearless under Iran's embassy", all bearing a picture of the above mentioned Mr Nasrallah?

But anyway, the prospects of this market look bullish. Go for it!


Lynne T said...

Yes, a perfume inspired by a long range Iranian missile would be the appropriate choice to dab under your niqab.

Shaun Downey said...

Surely this perfume was created in support of the Scottish campaign to upgrade the A75 from Gretna to Stranraer to motorway standard

Dick Stanley said...

Belay all the subterfuge. They should just get to the point and market Eau de Goat: The Scent of Love. We all know that's what Nasrallah and the rest of Mo's fan club really want.

SnoopyTheGoon said...


SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh... that changes it all ;-)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Heh heh. That too.

KatieNorcross said...

You forgot one scent in the "My hubby the martyr". Gunpowder. Must have the scent of the bomb.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Not to be nitpicking, but it should be not gunpowder then, but Semtex or one of the other bomb ingredients, but OK, noted.