28 December 2012

Iran competes for a place in Ripley's "Believe It Or Not" Compendium

The article starts with an interesting quote, to whit "An Iranian official is saying the country may open a controversial military site to inspectors of the United Nations nuclear watchdog." There is, naturally, a catch. This is Mahmoud the Mad's domain, after all. The catch is that "the inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency may visit Parchin military site “if the foreign threats weaken”."

Now, let me work this out. If you westerners drop the sanctions and stop suggesting that there is the possibility of a military "solution" to the Iranian nuclear programme, we might (heavily underlined and with further conditions attached, of course) let you in to this particular plant.

By then, of course, all sensitive, might lead to a bomb, materials and technology will have magically been disappeared - to a completely different nuclear plant, to which either access is denied, or no-one in the /West even knows exists.

Now where have I come across this logic before in the Middle East. Ah, yes, of course, Hamas: 'we will negotiate with Israel once the Israelis have withdrawn to the Green Line'. Funny sort of negotiations, those: you retreat to the position that you see as the ultimate final outcome, with or without any other aspects to that deal, and we'll START to talk to you. And that statement was made just about the time of Operation Cast Lead. Wonder what that says about the effectiveness of Cast Lead, given that this was the first such statement from them.

I can't quite make up my mind whether those massive intellects terrorist birdbrains were serious or only speaking to the useful idiots who go around chanting "we are all Hamas now'?


By: Brian Goldfarb