04 December 2012

Raheem Kassam speaks for Israel (or at least its supporters)

Raheem Kassam over at The Commentator says all that needs to be said on the current position in the Middle East. I agree with virtually all that says, with some caveats over the the last few comments he makes.

Typical of his approach is the following, where he sums up all that makes Israel a shining example of a liberal, representative democracy, in stark contrast to all its neighbours: "Israel remains the most legitimate, functioning, transparent and safe democracy in the region. There is little chance...of Israel turning its back on this form of government that lends to enshrined freedoms not just for Jews, but for the many Christians, Muslims, Druze and Baha'i that live within Israel's borders. This is also true for women. It is true for homosexuals. It is true for young and old, for rich and poor - Israel is a model for the region. If anyone can doubt this, they are free to name another, but a list of Israel's neighbours does nothing to detract from this statement. Egypt, Iran, Iraq, [etc]"

I particularly like Kassam's final sentence: "For Britain, Israel's actions [in planning more 'settlements' in the Jerusalem area] are unpalatable. For Israel, Britain's reaction is unconscionable."

See what you think.

By: Brian Goldfarb


Lynne T said...

A very Interesting and not typical POV was aired last night on CBC Radio's evening program, As It Happens. Former US ambassador to Turkey, Jim Jefferey, explained to show host Carol Off, that the calling of ambassadors is a rather meaningless gesture andthat Abbas, having contravened the Oslo accords by direct petition of the UN for statehood, pretty well forced Netanyahu into announcing the INTENTION* to build 3,000 units in E3. (According to Commentary 101 over at Harry's Place, the reality is that due to the notorious beaurocracy and planning processes in Israel, this is not about to happen overnight, as the average listener might think.) the 6 minute interview may be heard at Part III of the program: http://www.cbc.ca/asithappens/episode/2012/12/03/monday-new-israeli-settlements-three-cups-of-tea-suicide-pacific-salmon-collapse-and-more/

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for the link, Lynne. Interesting indeed.

David All said...

There was plenty of positive remarks, however grudging, from Arabs commentating on line when Israel convicted former President Katisev of rape.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Sure ;-)