14 December 2012

And here's another "It says here..."

I don't know where they get their information from (but then, I'm not a journalist with a contacts book), but The Times of Israel says that Israeli Channel 10 says that "the United States will engage in direct talks with Iran over the latter’s nuclear program. Should these talks not prove useful, the U.S. is reportedly planning to strike Iran in the next four-to-five months." The report also says that "America’s decision to hold off on military involvement in Syria for the time being was due to the fact that it didn’t want to open a new front with the prospect of a war against Iran looming on the horizon."

Who knows? Maybe, maybe not. Trouble is, if it doesn't happen in the time-frame suggested (like all those Jeffrey Goldberg predictions of imminent Israeli air strikes on Iran's nuclear facilities), the journos are hoping that we'll have forgotten this particular prediction!

BTW, you might find this of interest as well, from The Tablet (the same issue as the King Abdullah story). It's about why the US has no Syrian strategy. The two articles are (I think) contradictory, but when has that ever bothered either politicians or journalists? It's only academics of whom consistency is demanded, depending on the properly tested evidence available. Again, this latter notion has never bothered politicians or journalists.

Ah well, read them both and chuckle or despair, depending on how relaxed you are, I guess.

By: Brian Goldfarb