30 November 2012

A memorial to burnt frozen chicken

A gruesome accident in state of New York attracted my attention:

Officials say a truck carrying nearly 40,000 pounds of frozen chicken went up in flames on its way to a supermarket in the New York town of Chili.
Since I know what will be the PETA response to this case, here is my (gratis) proposal for a fitting memorial to the tragic fate of all these 40,000 pounds. It is sad, it is solemn and it presents in the best possible way the terrible waste:


Dick Stanley said...

Cooking it frozen probably made the chicken nice and tender. In high school back in the Dark Ages I worked for a fellow who sold frozen steaks and he always preached grilling them frozen. Letting them thaw first guaranteed they would eat tough.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Oh. It means that we can open a new culinary venue: putting trucks with frozen chicken to fire and selling the proceeds. Good deal that.