25 November 2012

Obama passes the Israel test - for now

Despite the views of certain readers of this site, it would appear that (for now, as the writer puts it) President Obama has passed the Israel test. I, for one, am delighted that he did, because, like many of you, I have family and friends in Israel.

Let's just be thankful that he passed this test, and hope that he continues to do so. He did, after all, block the UN Security Council passing any condemnation of Israel, brought pressure on Egypt to broker the cease fire (and thus to bear responsibility for Hamas abiding by it) and, as a result, avoided Israel having to mount a land-based invasion, which would have been costly in all sorts of ways.

Now all he has to do is make sure that Israel gets more Iron Dome supplies for the Northern border.

As for Iran, well, lots of commentators have remarked that Israel has demonstrated to Iran that it can't necessarily rely on its clients distracting Israel's and the IDF's attention from equally important matters.

Read the Tablet article here:


Dick Stanley said...

All those things Barry did in public are quite nice, really, I agree, except for imposing the cease fire which will not replace a ground op but only postpone it. I enjoy reading Tablet much of the time, despite its being mainly a Lefty rag, but their journos can be pretty lazy and this five-paragraph editorial, wasting the first three on what those awful anti-Barry people predicted before getting to what Barry actually did in public---while raising no questions about what he certainly did behind the scenes that might, in fact, contradict the public persona---is little more than cheerleading. Gimme an O!