17 November 2012

US Senate unanimously backs Israel

This came into my in-box on Friday 16 November, so "Thursday" below refers to yesterday. This is posted just in case non-US residents were wondering: http://www.timesofisrael.com/us-senate-unanimously-passes-resolution-supporting-israels-right-to-defend-itself/. They know who is in the right here, even if fellow Middle Easterners prefer to fool themselves.

And this is a quote from the article: "Also on Thursday, US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta talked to Minister of Defense Ehud Barak and told him Jerusalem has a right to defend its citizens. A US official confirmed the two leaders’ conversation to CNN. The spokesperson said they discussed Pillar of Defense and the “unacceptable attacks” used by Hamas and other groups in Gaza, and that Panetta reiterated the American position — that Israel has a right to protect itself."

By: Brian Goldfarb.


Dick Stanley said...

How nice. Good to see the usual initial fig leaf. Let's hope it's not followed by a demand for the IDF to withdraw before the job is done, assuming Bibi & Co. intend to fundamentally change the situation. In any case, U.S. support for these things is always conditional on them not lasting too long.

David All said...

Good to see such solid support. Please ignore Dick's remarks about Obama. He is still upset about the election.

Watched Anderson Cooper & Co. on CNN last night. Impressed with the fairness of the coverage. At one point Cooper admitted that a photo they had shown of a supposedly wounded Palestinian may have been a fake.

Dick Stanley said...

According to Ynet, the "too long" has turned out to be a not quite 48 hours. If I'm not mistaken, that's a record.


Dick Stanley said...

No more "seems to have" about it. Barry's being explicit: he says wants no ground war and "too long" with the bombing could endanger the two-state solution. Got that Israelis?


David All said...

Dick, according to a Haavetz poll, a majority of Israelis are not in favor of a ground war, particularly if it ends with Israel having to re-occupy the Gaza Strip. Here's hoping the Cease Fire is for real.