21 November 2012

And about time too.

The IDF is using social media in a big way to get its case across to fellow users of these media. They are, apparently, giving access to images (such as the film of the Al-Jabari assassination and others) to journalists. Apparently, one can find the IDF making available videos of the Iron Dome shootings down of Hamas rockets - I've certainly seen one of rockets aimed at Tel Aviv being taken out - as well as much more. Another example is of food crossing into Gaza from Israel, with an IDF officer talking to camera, explaining that Israel is allowing these supplies in despite Hamas and despite a virtual state of war between Israel and Hamas.

Much of it obvious, as obvious as that coming from Gaza and Hamas allies; but at least Israel isn't reliant just on either its sense of being in the right and this being so plainly true as not needing any further explanation, or not giving a damn what the rest of the world thinks. There are people out here willing to be convinced.

See what you think of their efforts, here:

By: Brian Goldfarb


David All said...

Good to see Israel is being more effective in its media campaign. Also good to see a more fair-minded coverage by at least some of the TV networks as you pointed out in your last post.

Dick Stanley said...

It makes sense they would do this and, as you say, there are some people capable of being convinced by such things as Israel supplying electricity and water to Gaza, if only they knew about it. However a certain amount of the sentiment of the finger-flag on this blog's front page also makes sense. Constant concern about what other people think is self-defeating.