30 November 2012

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David All said...

OT: October 2012 was when the 11th annual Daniel Pearl World Music Days was held with some 2028 events in 79 countries. Link to http://www.danielpearlmusicdays.org/
for more info.

For a beautiful tribute to Daniel Pearl on YouTube, link to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TP5pzCpIZ2U

Judea and Ruth Pearl talk about their son Daniel and the meaning of his murder on its 5th anniversary in Feb. 2007 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5NRksR1trI

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Thanks for the links, David. Appreciated.

David All said...

You are welcome, Snoopy.

Recently a good friend and I were talking about Daniel Pearl. She remarked that Daniel was a true martyr by the way he behaved with great dignity in face of a most horrible death.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That true, still a live man is always better than a dead martyr. It is the other gang that revels in martyrdom. Let them.

David All said...

I agree, Snoopy.

It is inspiring that so many people remember and honor Daniel Pearl.