16 November 2012

Hamas and cynical injured innocence

I've noted recently that I'm hardly on The Commentator's wavelength as far as UK (let alone US) domestic politics is concerned, but when it comes to Israel, we're foursquare together. The latest outbreak in the Israel/Gaza standoff brings an encouraging response for Zionists from the on-line newspaper. Here's an example of their current reporting (today into my inbox): "...these latest outrageous attacks are but the tip of the iceberg. Since the start of 2012, 797 rockets have been fired from Gaza, forcing approximately one million Israelis in towns across the south to flee to their nearest bomb shelter, with as little as 15 seconds to react." They are, of course, reporting on the fact that Israel managed to successfully target Al-Jabari, Hamas military chief (couldn't happen to a nicer terrorist), and the response to it, which is, of course, hardly understanding of the need of a legitimate state to defend its citizens.

Imagine such an attack on let's say New York from Long Island, and imagine any US government of any stripe standing still for it. But the Jewish state has to show a ludicrous degree of self-restraint that no other state would be expected to show. And Hamas can, apparently get away with blaming Israel for any further escalation. Talk about a looking-glass world where everything's a reverse image.

But then, it's only Jews were talking about.

It gets worse, as The Commentator notes: "Yet apparently, the low number of casualties (thanks to Israel's advanced technology and interception systems) is a total non-story. It is only when Israel ends its restraint and finally takes decisive action that suddenly the BBC screams of a dangerous escalation. They then have the temerity to suggest that the real reason for the Gaza operation lies hidden beneath a clever Israeli smokescreen. Rockets? What rockets?"

Their conclusion is starkly simply: "So in the next few days, Israel will be forced to fight two wars, one against Hamas and one against this ugly torrent of media bile. The madness looks set to continue." It now appears that Israel has begun moving troops towards Gaza, according to the latest news reports here in the UK at this time, about 22.00 GMT, 15 November. The full article is here.

'The FCO tweeted: "We continue to call on all sides to exercise restraint to prevent a dangerous escalation that would be in no one’s interests. It could have been worse, of course. It could have been a response from the BBC."'

By: Brian Goldfarb


Dick Stanley said...

Or, you could look at it this way: Israel is forced to fight five wars. 1) Hamas, 2) the Muslim Brotherhood, 3) the usual media blather, 4) Barry who wants no invasion of Gaza to clean out the rats nest, and 5) Iran, of course, since they provided Hamas with the long-range missiles that have taken the fight to TA and JL. Now what does Israel do? Can it defy all five and win out, or must it "surrender" to Barry, which will only insure that "the situation" continues because military campaigns are not won in the air.