15 January 2012

Watch out, Mr Brock!

Even a generally healthy idea could turn bad if taken to an extreme.

The Journal and Courier reports that 39-year-old Paul M. Brock of Frankfort was charged Wednesday with auto theft, resisting law enforcement, intimidation and operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

Police in Lafayette, 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis, used dogs to subdue Brock during his arrest on Friday.

Police say Brock later told officers that he would hunt them down and eat them, their families and their dogs. He had a blood-alcohol content more than three times Indiana's legal limit.
Police officers and their families could be a good source of proteins, consumed in moderation, of course. As for police dogs: no, Paul, this could put your head on the chopping block if PETA get wind of this idea.


Dick Stanley said...

Yipes, a cannibal among the Hoosiers. Whose-your-Daddy. indeed.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Yeah, the man is certainly a character.