12 January 2012

9/11 blamed on Iran, among others, by US Judge

I'm not sure that you're likely to see this on, for example "truther" (i.e., about what really happened on 9/11) websites, but a US District Judge (in New York) said, back in December, that he was going to hand down a judgement that Iran, at the very least, shared responsibility for the twin towers and Pentagon attacks of that day.

Actually, having glanced at a few of the 400+ comments on the article, perhaps you might, especially if said sites don't also believe that it was Mossad wot done it. I feel on firmer ground when I suggest that the "progressive left" will reject as Islamaphobic the Judge's comments. Among his insights are the following: 'U.S. District Court Judge George Daniels said...“The extensive record submitted...is satisfactory to this court"…The court “accepts as true” the various allegations of the plaintiffs and their experts...'

The case was brought by relatives of victims of the 9/11 attacks who believe that Iran was behind the attack, and many of them were in court to hear the judgement. This is unlikely to have much influence on anything, and almost certainly won't result in any successful case against Iran for compensation, but it does keep the threats posed by islamist and jihadist groups in the public eye.

Spoiler warning: "The Daily Caller" is an online paper based in New York City, and appears to be just a tad to the left of Genghis Khan.

Read the whole article here.

By Brian Goldfarb.


Shaun Downey (Jams O Donnell) said...

Missed this when it was reported before Xmas. I can't wait until 2020 when I am sure that San Marino will be implicated in 9/11

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Watch it. I believe Trinidad and Tobago just fessed up.