23 January 2012

French Senate passes Armenian genocide bill. Vive la France!

At last.


Brian Goldfarb said...

I'm not sure that I share Snoopy's agreement here. I think I'm with the French Senator here: "But Sen. Jacques Mézard, who opposed the legislation, said freedom of expression was at stake."It calls into question historical and scientific research."" 

At one level, yes, no-one (outside Turkey, but that's another matter) should face censure or worse for discussing the historical fact that is the Armenian Genocide by the Turkish regime of the day in 1915. Indeed, I have written about it in an academic paper I wrote, and it's public knowledge all over the academic study of genocide. At one level, were they less sensitive (or less chauvinist?), all Turkish regimes from Ataturk onwards could have acknowledged it, blamed the previous regime and moved on. Instead, they have created a rod for their own backs.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Maybe I should have qualified that short post. I too don't support curbing the freedom of expression. I was happy about France recognizing the fact of Armenian genocide, which act other countries should follow.