12 January 2012

On Cultural Vandalism…by cultural vandals

A interesting link to The Commentator turned up in my inbox this am: an article asking (rhetorically, of course) why the Metropolitan Police won't prosecute those (all identified and on tape) who disrupted the BBC Proms concert last September. Comment no. 4 is interesting, for its brevity and its one-eyed view of things. If published, my comment, 2 or 3 below it, as well as the one above it, seek to respond with a little sense and logic. The saddest part here is the suggestion by the IPO's managers that they may not return to the UK, in order to protect the musicians and their instruments. I hope they do, otherwise the cultural vandals win. Perhaps we should collectively petition the IPO to reconsider this action.

The complete article.

By Brian Goldfarb.