09 January 2012

So Jesse Ventura walks into a bar, gets his face punched - a hoax?

This is the alleged story, told by the Navy SEAL sniper:

And now the punchee denies it vehemently:

Ventura labels the story a total fabrication and is beyond heartbroken that a fellow service member and Navy SEAL would invent such outrageous lies designed to defame him and help sell a book.
The only problem with Ventura's denial is that it comes via his best buddy and another conspiracy freak Alex Jones. If Ventura and Jones claimed that the sky is blue, I would need an urgent appointment with my ophthalmologist.

Anyway, why should Ventura worry about a mere punch in the face, when, according to him, the world is going to end in less than a year? Hmm...

Via Sean Linnane the Stormbringer.