20 January 2012

Why you should put Richard Millet's blog on your personal list

Mainly because he constantly risks, if not life, then certainly limb in bringing both pictures and videos of really not very nice anti-Israelis to his website. Quite often, he is physically threatened for filming/snapping anti-Israelis and has actually been physically attacked on occasion, although fortunately not seriously hurt and his assailant was arrested.

This posting is about the very unlovely Lady Jenny Tonge (the one who can't seem to distinguish between antisemitism and anti-Israelism [tho' I find it difficult to distinguish the two myself, but for very different reasons, of course]), at a meeting in the House of Commons. The title of the article says it all: "Jenny Tonge rants about the Holocaust and idolises Ismail Haniyeh". She is one of the original users of the Livingstone Formulation. For those who don't know of this, it's what happens when someone criticises Israel unfairly, without supporting evidence, and is called on the lack of evidence, their response is on the lines of "Whenever I criticise Israel, I'm accused of being antisemitic", when no-one, other than them, has mentioned the "a" word. Not surprisingly, it's named after the late and unlamented Mayor of London. In the second video clip in this article, Jonathan Hoffman calls Tonge on this very matter, and she fails to provide an example of this happening to her or anyone else.

For a fuller version and discussion of the term, you need to go to the Engage website and put "Livingstone Formulation" into their own search facility and see what comes up.
Note that the fourth illustration down the article features the equally unlovely Gerald Kaufmann.
Most of Richard Millet's postings are about the anti-Israel, pro BDS crowd, by the way, but the two immediately previous articles on his blog are especially worth reading. The first article, on Tonge, is here.

By Brian Goldfarb.


Dick Stanley said...

Nice blog. Thanks for the tip. Could have used the link, though:


SnoopyTheGoon said...

The (hyper) link is there, at the last word in the text, which is "here".

Dick Stanley said...

Ah, so it is. I knew I was getting deaf. Didn't realize I was also getting blind.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Not to worry, happens to the best of us.