27 January 2012

Roger Cohen and the doctrine of being right

I am starting to suspect that Mr Cohen reads this here puny blog! I swear that he does it, possibly hiding in a closet with his laptop or some iThing, but he does.

Well, he surely read the post Roger Cohen: a man who rarely misses an opportunity to miss a point. Proof? Here comes an article Doctrine of Silence, where Mr Cohen has done everything possible in the way of verbal acrobatics to insure that, no matter what the outcome, he will be right.

On the subject of silent assassination of terrorist leaders he stated straight away:

I approve of the shift even as it makes me uneasy. One day, I suspect, there may be payback for this policy and this silence.
Well, about as straight as a snake tied in an intricate sailor's knot. It this short passage its author not only put Obama in a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" position, he also insured himself by setting up at least two ("I approved it to start with" and "I told you so") future postures.

Cool, Roger, I really admire that. Ways to go, man!