25 January 2012

Russia - Syria Yak-130 deal - bad news for Syria's uprising

Both JP and Ha'aretz report, as do some foreign sources, that Russia has signed a contract to sell 36 Yak-130 jets to Syrian regime.

If you look at the Yak-130 parameters, one thing becomes clear: this jet, when not used for training air force pilots, is not of any concern to Syria's neighbors: a subsonic trainer, carrying no more than 3 tons of weaponry isn't going to cause sleepless nights to surrounding nations.

A ground attack subsonic jet, carrying 3 tons of weaponry is going to be devastating news for military and civilian rebels in Syria, on the other hand.

And Russian readiness to sell these deadly tools of oppression to the much hated regime is another loud and clear reminder about the grim role Russians continue to play in the Middles East for so many years.

Too bad.