09 March 2009

Rosner's Domain: Boycotting the bank that is sponsoring Dubai tournament

Barclays declines to take the lead set by the Wall Street Journal (Europe) and the Television Tennis Channel, both of which pulled out of the tournament. The Tennis Channel put out the following statement: "Preventing an otherwise qualified athlete from competing on the basis of anything other than merit has no place in tennis or any other sport, and has the unfortunate result of undermining the credibility of the very nature of competition itself." The Wall Street Journal noted: "The Wall Street Journal's editorial philosophy is free markets and free people, and this action runs counter to the Journal's editorial direction."
While these here bloggers are not into sport in any significant way and could care less about tennis, a bit of boycotting could go a long way toward persuading Barclays Bank to be more careful with its PR in the future. Which is a good thing, you will agree.

More here.

Just let's not shout "Antisemitism!", OK? Dubai's act was purely anti-Israeli - it is dirty politics at its best.