02 March 2009

Pink-Red Nadine or legitimizing the unspeakable

The nice lady in the picture above is Nadine Rosa-Rosso or, in translation from Spanish and Italian, Nadine Pink-Red. And proud of it, that is. She defines herself as "an independent Belgian communist activist", and the definition should cover her beliefs sufficiently. You would think so, at least.

However, there is another hobby that pink-red Nadine pursues at her spare time, which is unequivocal support for Islamism - the extreme, reactionary, misogynistic and all over fascist movement. You would be surprised that an avowed communist could square her "progressive" credo with support for such a revolting creature of the humanity's darkest ages. Well,
pink-red Nadine does it easily, just check out the speech titled The Left And Support For Anti-Imperialist Islamist Resistance and delivered at "The Beirut International Forum for Resistance, Anti-Imperialism, Solidarity between Peoples and Alternatives".

The endless title of this august forum and its venue are very suggestive by themselves. And how do "Peoples" differ from "Alternatives", whoever these "Alternatives" may be? Whether Ms
Pink-Red is Peoples or Alternatives, the speech is too rambling and pretentious to be taken seriously, and her extensive quoting of Gilad Atzmon whom she calls "an Israeli Jew" (what a joke!) shows her true colors (brown with a bit of Islamic green on the side) that survive the contact with the pink-red core quite happily.

But this long and hardly coherent speech was just a prelude to something else. Which is to demand EU recognition of Hamas as a "legitimate voice for the Palestinian people's aspirations for national liberation". And, of course, once such recognition is granted, to remove Hamas (and "all other Palestinian liberation organizations") from the list of terrorist organizations.

And the list of signatories is of some interest - if only to find some familiar names, like Jose Saramago, the Portuguese writer/communist, the South African Jewish capo kapo Ronnie Kasrils and many others. While about half of the list are of Muslim persuasion, there are quite a few European names on it. Oh well...

I still remember the time when extreme left went ballistic each time someone noticed their affinity with extreme right. Today it's rather a given, and no one is riled by this unnatural (?) symbiosis. The teachings of Marxism are replaced by one single maxim: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Everything else is secondary, including the shame of it.

What can I say - a pox on both their houses...

Oh, and I have almost forgot: I support (up to a point) their call:

We ask that they actively pursue the immediate and unconditional removal of Hamas and all other Palestinian liberation organizations from the European list of proscribed terrorist organizations.
The point I have in mind should be placed in the above sentence after the word "Hamas", the rest of the sentence is really superfluous.

P.S. I could hardly expect these morons to be influenced by something like this:
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday any unity government with Hamas would have to agree to a two-state solution with Israel, a demand quickly rejected by his Islamist rivals.
Or like this:
Ten rockets from the Gaza Strip struck Israel yesterday.
Nah... too much to expect.

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